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Bluehost Hosting Review : Features, Plans and Price

Bluehost is a web hosting firm that provides hosting with a prefix as “unlimited” in front its services and features an all-in-one package. This package benefits with unlimited domain hosting, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and free domain for one year. It enables its customers to host as many domains they can which is quite pleasing.

Ever undergone BlueHost’s hosting services? Yes? Comment or review below and let us know your experience. BlueHost is decent as it has proper concern for its customers and tries to do justice as far as possible.

Bluehost was attained by Endurance International web hosting brand in the year 2010 while it was being run by CEO Matt Heaton earlier after it was founded in 1996. Well, below discussed are the amazing features, facilities, hosting services and price of Bluehost. Check it out below.

Price Comparison :

Below are the details of the comparison of the web hosting services and their prices offered by Bluehost. Go through the discussions below to get a full-fledged knowledge. With Bluehost coupon, you will get hosting at these prices.

For 1 year, you can simply prepay at a price of $6.95 per month and you need to pay $83.40 per year.
For 2 years, you can simply prepay at a price of $5.95 per month and you need to pay $142.80 for two years.
For 3 years, you can simply prepay at a price of $4.95 per month and you need to pay $178.20 for three years.

Hosting Services from BlueHost :

Its not like the other web hosting firms as Bluehost supports its services with just one all-in-one package on its web portal and at present it is not providing any procedures way to upgrade from offering web hosting with shares to much more useful and scintillating solutions like you know, business dealt hosting and virtual private servers.

This all-in-one plan of Bluehost is amazing and includes services and facilities like unlimited domain hosting, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts and free domain for one year. It also accompanies some other useful features such as granting the ability to access the CGI, MySQL, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Google ad credits of $100 along with site statistics.

SiteBackup Pro :

This is another service from Bluehost that offers free dedicated IP address, free SSL certificate, free domain privacy and 10 Postini Anti-Spam accounts. Don’t you find these useful? In fact yes, Bluehost assist its customers well enough.

Upsell offers of Bluehost :

When you order for any of the facilities, you will find that the “Pro Package” comes at a cost of $19.95 per month. This being a great facility also includes more CPU, memory along with resources.

Endurance International is the owner of Bluehost and a lot of previous customers had a good number of complaints and negative opinions about this web hosting company. Well, with the evolution that happened with Bluehost, the company looks like granting US-based support along with a client base which comprises happy and satisfied customers.

Bluehost provides Anytime Money Back Guarantee policy which is quite amazing. This is something that statuses that a user can carry out requests for a refund of pro rates in case he or she has any pre-paid portion of Bluehost’s hosting services that is unused at any point of time.
In case you are cancelling within a time span of 30 days, you will be getting a complete refund minus the name fees of domain. But if you are trying to take advantage of the facility of free domain entitled for a year, you need to shell out about $13.99 as fee for the name of your domain.

ECommerce Solution - Online Store :

In terms of Ecommerce solutions, this web hosting company, Bluehost, grants several systems of free shopping carts. This includes OS Commerce, Cube Cart, Agora and Zen Cart. Bluehost serves access to dedicated SSL certificates, IP addresses and OpenPGP or GPG encryptions along with an additional fee.

The best thing to do for an Ecommerce solution is to prefer the upsell, something that is granted by Bluehost during the on-going of the process of ordering the “Pro Package.” With this, you will get all Ecommerce hosting features which include SSL certificate and dedicated IP address along with other support and services.

Customer Service :

For services and support towards customers, Bluehost assists with wide range of options like toll-free telephone number, help ticket system, live chat, updated knowledge base, video tutorials, updated blog and forum for consumers to discuss.

Bluehost being a EIG owned web hosting company, accompanies a lot of services and assists nearly tens of thousands of fresh customers per month while it also grants hosting for millions of domains globally.


One of the demerits is that the site has updated about being a EIG brand owned company, something that spoils the impression of the services that it provides. Till now, the site connects with the “Founder’s Blog” on the top corner even after Matt Heaton is not being the CEO since the month of June of the year 2011.

Advantages :

Bluehost is getting better reviews from its customers and you can see these stuff on their forums to study various reviews. It is till now getting premium support from the previous support system of customers before it was owned by EIG.

The best fact and aspect about Bluehost is its simplicity which is remarked by the one and only plan that it offers. But however, in a single plan, this web hosting company has been able to grant a wide range of services and features which assist the customers at a higher level.

Well, the company has plans to carry out the launch of the VPS and Dedicated Server feature in this year. Hoping so, we are looking forward to get such updates and upgrades by which the company grows and provides the best services to its customers. Company is providing amazing promotional offer and bluehost coupons. With these Bluehost coupon code, you get hosting package at really low prices.

Verdict :

With the coming up of these web hosting services, the firm is likely to generate more and more customers along with great and positive feedback from its clients. So, you need some good domains along with web hosting services, simply prefer Bluehost which assists you with good number of features in just one all-in-one package.

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